Welcome to the Dollhouse – Bangkok

Midweek Adventures on Soi Cowboy On an unremarkable Tuesday after an afternoon failing yet again to sort my 90-day report online, I needed a release. So, I called my pal Jack Nites, photographer of repute […]

Soi Cowboy

State of the Red-Light: Soi Cowboy

‘Sup dudes, my name is Seven. I’m one of the many debauched bloggers here in the Thai City of Angels. As a favor to my friends over at BKKNites, I’ve sent them the following article […]

Soi Cowboy

Deal Of The Month – Lighthouse

Not only do they have some of the hottest girls on Soi Cowboy, but now they have added a great happy hour deal. 90 baht drinks 5.30pm until 9pm then midnight until closing, we will […]

Soi Cowboy

Lighthouse – Soi Cowboy

Lighthouse is located on the left hand side of Soi Cowboy about half up the main drag,once inside the small curtain situated at the front,a bar full of beautiful girls and happy hour specials await […]